Myryad Z20 DAC

$500.00 $799.00

Myryad Z Mini Series Z20 DAC

The Z20 Digital to Analogue Converter (DAC) provides the perfect solution to high quality reproduction of digital audio, from whatever source. It can be the interface between a PC, Mac or laptop and your hi-fi system, and it can provide a sonic upgrade to the stereo sound from your CD, DVD or Blu-Ray player.


  • Coaxial (S/PDIF), Optical (Toslink) and USB (2.0) inputs
  • All inputs 192kHz/24bit capable
  • Asynchronous USB receiver isolates the Z20’s DAC from computer clock jitter, resulting in clean precise sound
  • All sources, at any bit-rate, are asynchronously up-sampled to 192kHz/24bit for accurate reproduction
  • High end Cirrus Logic CS4398 DAC chip – as used in Myryad MX CD players
  • Myryad “Smart My-Link®” for intelligent system operation with other Myryad products
  • The Z20 is the first Myryad product in the new Z mini Series – featuring similar styling to the new Z200s, but in a half-width case.

Weight: 2.36kg

Shipping weight: 3.0 kg