Myryad Z210 CD Player

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Myryad Z Series Z210 CD Player

Naturally featuring the new Z200 styling, the Z210 is a pure audiophile CD player which benefits from Myryad’s renowned audio engineering expertise. Multiple, separately regulated power supplies, massive reservoir capacitors and proprietary DAC decoupling all combine to ensure the Z210 delivers a superior sound quality with a truly excellent three dimensional soundstage.


  • High Quality Cirrus Logic 24 bit/192kHz fifth-order Delta-Sigma DAC
  • Output filter using close tolerance metal film resistors, precision polypropylene film/foil capacitors and high-speed low-distortion FET input op-amps
  • Direct coupled signal path with “DC servo” to maintain no DC on the line outputs
  • Isolated low-jitter master clock
  • 8 separate power supply regulators, each optimised for its own task
  • Large, bright VFD (Vacuum Fluorescent Display) track number and time display
  • Supplied with Myryad System Remote Control handset
  • Myryad “Smart My-Link®” for intelligent system operation with other Myryad products

Weight: 5.3kg

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